The Stench of Freedom (2011-2015)

This series contains a selfwritten novel and drawings. Chapter I can be read here (written in dutch).
Above is a selection of works.

The plot in short:
A philosopher in science writes a pamphlet to get more awareness for the negative preference the sitting regime has for science and technology and the devastating effect this has on society; it's rumbling and shaking and ready to explode. He receives a reaction to his pamphlet, but it comes from a place he didn't expect it to come from. This leaves him on the edge of an infinite rabbit hole where he has to make a difficult choice: participate or die.

The Time Traveller (2013-14)

The main character in this series finds himself in a strange place. It looks like the universe played a trick on him and left him stuck in between time.
A lot of questions start floating to the surface, but the answers only seem to fade away in the distance. Even the mysterious woman that offers him help doesn't give more clarity.
Is this really happening? And can he escape this silent entrapment?

This series contains videos, drawings and sculptures.

Above is the trailer of the mainvideo.

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